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Used 30 ECB (Elite Carbon Board) only in 99% condition with new film - 305x305 mm (12x12")

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Used 30 ECB (Elite Carbon Board) - in 99% condition with new film has dark surface and attracts lot of sunshine. And it is very tough and rigid, difficult to break. Read disclaimer and warning lower. Board format 305x305 mm (12x12") is bestseller in MTBO community, with one hand only you can easily  manipulate with A3 size map.

Warning/disclaimer for PilotOne Elite Carbon Boards (ECB)

Dark surface of the ECB/FCB attracts a lot of heat from the sun – ECB/FCB can become very hot and this heat can deform/shrink the film and also release the glue of the 3M DualLock scratches on the bottom side. So when your bike with the mapholder is parked under the shining sun (doesn´t matter what is the temperature), it is strongly recommended to remove the whole mapholder (or at least tear off the film) and keep it separately in shadow/hidden from the sun. If shadow is not available, tear off the film and cover the rest of the mapholder preferably with wet light color cloth/paper. If the map is used, turn it with printed part upside down, hot sun can copy the map print onto the film.

Disclaimer 1: ECB/FCB can break due to the fall/accident. If ECB/FCB breaks, broken edges have no long (not dangerous) spikes. ECB/FCB damages caused by accidents or improper use are not the producer´s or reseller´s fault and responsibility.

Disclaimer 2: ECB has strong structure inside and therefore is very hard, tough and firm. It can be difficult to break due to the crash. And therefore it could be in some cases dangerous for the riders to fall onto the edge of the ECB. Producer or resellers has no responsibility in these cases. The rider using ECB agrees that using of ECB is on her/his own risk and responsibility.

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