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SkiPilot - L/XL size (for height above 170 cm)

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Ski-Pilot - mapholder especially for ski-orienteering, also for kayakers.

* conception and design inspired by "Lauič" mapholders (Jan Lauerman, CZ)
* used materials resistant up to - 40°C
* 360° pivoted board, in any arm position
* board size 305 x 240 mm (12x9“), suitable for A4 size maps (297x210 mm = 12x8“)
* film locking – one side taped, other 3 sides by magnets, easy handling in gloves and with poles on.
Warning! Magnets affects the compass a lot – don´t attach the compass to the mapholder arm! Recommended is wrist compass used in sufficient distance from the board.
* size/straps length - L/XL
(for height above 170 cm)

* 2 x horizontal straps – thick, elastic, adjustable with clasps
1 x vertical strap around the neck, thin, non-elastic, connected with both horizontal straps, adjustable with clasp
* accessories on demand (not applicable for compact overalls): front strap to be anchored to the tights + back strap to be anchored to the tights
* weight approx 480 g

Arm tuning: it is hard to manipulate with the arm when surrounding temperature is above 0°C. Low temperatures shrink all metal parts and manipulation is easier. Let your SkiPilot before the race adopt to the outer temperature and then tight/release arm joint by hexagonal wrench and wrench #10. Arm with board must move easily, but mustn´t fall down during double poling.

How to get into the straps labyrinth: insert one hand between upper wide elastic strap and couple of thin straps. Insert your head between both thin straps. Lock clasps on both horizontal straps. Tighten all the straps accodingly to your needs.

Straps adjustment: if the straps are too long, cut them as follows: tighten thin vertical strap and if the unused part is longer than 20 cm, cut it by scissors in 45° angle for fraying prevention. You can even burn the frays with lighter or matches.
Horizontal elastic straps - unstitch ends of the straps hidden in the clasps, tighten both straps and cut the unused parts of the straps. And stitch again ends of the straps to the clasps.

Map insertion: before inserting map under the film turn the board in direction that AUTOPILOT sticker can be read easily – from left to right. Then open 3 sides of the film (it is possible to tear all 3 magnets off with one hand), insert the map and lock the magnets. Easy manipulation with film has been proved  at the video here

Warning! Magnets affects the compass a lot – don´t attach the compass to the mapholder arm! Recommended is wrist compass using, in sufficient distance from the board.

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