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Small magnetic set for better position check

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Small magnetic set for better position check - for A4 board, or Sprint board, or 28 board, or 30 board or 30 ECB board. Magnetic set consists of magnetic pad and 2 magnets (one with elastic, second spare without elastic). After inserting the map under the film you can place the magnet on the spot in the map where you are right now. Magnetic pad is self adhesive, can be or needn´t to be stuck to the board, size of the magpad can be 1-2 cm smaller than chosen board size.

If you stick magpad to the board (bolt can be screwed through the magpad or not) -  it is esthetic, but if wind blows under the film, magnet can be disconnected off the magset easily.
If you leave magpad free under the film and the wind blows, magpad can "float"and is in better contact with film and the magnet.
Magset was originally "developed" for MTB Orienteering - when normally 1 - 2 maps are used, you have detailed map and changing often the movement direction (and rotating the board).
For adventure racers -  large size map folded several times, or pile of A4 maps makes magnet difficult to keep the contact with magpad. Magnet itself is very strong, magpad is not so strong. So for some AR  due to the above mentioned situations magset is not recommended, sorry.
If magnet is swept out from the film in the bushes or due to extreme bike shaking, mostly you will find it at steel bolt at the brake lever, elastic helps :-)  MTBO bikers from New Zealand use instead of magpad thin steel plate from fruit cans - this makes the connection with the magnet much stronger, but it is very heavy, and rusting - so also film is dirty of rust..... 
Magset can´t be combined with Compass Extension accessories. Please specify for which type of board you want the magnetic set - in the "Note" box at the end of the ordering process.

Videotutorial here

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