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RockyBoy 30 FB (Flat Bar) mapholder

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RockyBoy 30 FB (Flat Bar) mapholder - suitable for flat bar, map is 10 cm (4") above the bar. 30 board size is 305x305 mm (12x12") - it is a bestseller in MTBO community, with one hand only you can easily manipulate with A3 size map. RockyBoy FB base is suitable for Syncross carbon combo bar with eliptic cross-section.

Mapholder base has to be adapted to your bar/stem by bending/cutting back leg - therefore RockyBoy mapholder is sent disassembled. Long back leg should be bended with plies (see photos) or even cut - mapholder board should be paralell to the ground. If you cut the end, file the edges, stick protective rubber and tape it around (like front legs are). Front legs are fixed by black rings - available in 4 sizes: 30 mm, 32,5 mm, 35 mm, 38 mm. Most used is 32,5 or 35 mm diameter - for 31,8 or 35 mm flat bar. Back bended leg is fixed by cable tie - make double loop, one around the stem and second around the fork - see the pictures. Anyhow you can fix all three legs of RockyBoy base to your bar/stem with cable ties or duct tape.

When you adapt the base, then screw the board.

Black rings. You can tighten black rings with hands only. More teeth you click, more tightly is the mapholder connected to the bike. Disconnect black rings with help of small flat screwdriver - press in the middle beak of the ring. Replacement of the black rings can be done with steel rings (32 mm) or at least 4 mm thick cable ties.

Where to place watches, GPS? No gadget installed on the bar can be seen under the board - you can try inspiration on the photo below.

Where to place the SI chip or paper score card?
You can use roller to attach your chip or paper score card to the bike/jersey, pants braces.

Accessories - Magnetic set – enables pointing of your actual position on the map


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